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Over 30 years experience selling annd supporting systems for many diverse industries has gone into the C4 Business System.

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          C4 Business Accounting System

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C4 is better than a "quickie" program for your dynamic, growing company. Have more control and personal support with C4. Complete with a strong accounting base. Track sales, costs, profitibaity and cash flow easily. Priced below other comparable systems. So, who is Cary Hoffman?

Have it your way. The system is completely customizable. And the system can grow as your business grows. Scalable from 1 to over 100 users. The system can also be set up to connect with other external systems. "This is a great system, especially when you have Cary Hoffman". David Haim, President and CEO if Minicom Group International. Please let me introduce myself. My name is Cary Hoffman of Chas Computers and I have been designing, developing, installing, training, customizing, and supporting business and accounting systems since 1979. I, along with my associates, have had many satisfied customers and clients over the years. The C4 system is based on the best of all other systems I've developed and supported plus new improved features. So why not give me a call, if not just to discuss your present computer situation and needs?

Flexible, scalable, connectable, and with support here in the USA.


Could C4 be the best business, accounting, management, and productivity system on the market today?

User licenses can be purchased or leased on a month to month basis. Server systems are also available, both in-house and in the cloud.